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The tale of two Reeds

May 5, 2013
I wish I could locate my photos of the two Reeds together.

I wish I could locate my photos of the two Reeds together.

I received one of the sweetest text messages ever today, while still snuggled in my quilts and pjs.  The message was simple:

May the 4th be with you!  Thinking of you and Reed today. Love you!

It was a simple acknowledgement of how fun this day was to our favorite little redhead, but more so, the remembrance that someone recognized we would miss him, just a little more today.  Written in the text was a whole lot of love from a friend who always brings me joy.

Once up, I spent a little bit of time searching for the perfect Star Wars video on Youtube.  I wanted one that would make my proclamation of love for my Jedi, who actually had the e-mail address jedione@????.??? once upon a time.  Settling on the link below, I posted a quick tribute and was off to spend the rest of the morning with my family.

All was well, until I stepped outside in bare feet to deliver items to the recycling bin.  Ouch!  That is cold!  (Later in the day, I actually noticed a few snowflakes mixed in with the drizzle that persisted throughout the day.)  If ever a light saber would come in handy, today was it. Of course, it  could have functioned as a blue therapy light as well.  I might actually have to look into that.  Additionally, I would want it to make the great sounds effects as well – which would doubly serve to lift my sad spirits.

After reading the thermometer (a not so balmy 38 F) by my kitchen window, I got the chuckles. You know those that I seem to have a proclivity for, the kind that bubble up from a deeply hidden well-spring that just erupt forth spewing uncontrollable laughter.

The source of my giggles was from a cold April day in Alabama many, many years ago.  I was living with my grandparents during graduate school at Auburn University.  My Papa (pronounced pawpaw) and I were going on one adventure of sorts.  Upon stepping outside that day, we noticed our breath in the air, which was not typical in late April in Opelika.  We (well okay I) went back in to get a warmer jacket.  Papa Reed was dressed appropriately – because he was astute follower of the best weather forecaster around: The Farmer’s Almanac.  Anyways, once I finally joined him, he dropped some good ol’ fashioned country knowledge on his young, but educated granddaughter.  “Gal, it’s cold as a blue lizard out here.”

I still remember looking at him and bursting into laughter.  If that saying didn’t describe the situation to a tee, I don’t know what one would.  He relished my giggles and we continued on, him with a twinkle in his eye and me with a giggle at the ready.

Standing at the kitchen counter today, I could almost picture my two Reeds in heaven, each with those sparkling blue eyes.

One saying:  “Momma, May the 4th be with you!” and the other saying, “Yep, Gal, still cold as a blue lizard.”

Today, I am grateful that God gave me the opportunity to love both of them.

  1. Sweet remembrances. Love your stories! Love you!

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