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About Kandy

Kandy Noles Stevens is the proud wife of veteran of the United States Army, mother of 7 children (although 4 of her children live in heaven), and science/math teacher & professor.  God’s blessings have been pouring out in Kandy’s life for many years, but abundantly so since February 2008.

Her whole entire life, Kandy only wanted two things: to be a momma and to be a teacher.  She still proudly shows anyone who asks to see it her Dr. Suess “All About Me” book which she professed her desire to be teacher at the tender age of 7.  Kandy pursued Chemistry/Mathematics degrees in college, and then, later her Masters of Education in Science.  Her uncoventional path to teaching allowed her opportunities to intern at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, teaching at local universities, and then finally she felt a calling to pursue her teaching license.

Kandy and her husband, Daniel, lost three of their children to mid-term miscarriages.  Those children lovingly named Noah, Timothy, and Savannah Kate, are remembered each year by the family at special events.  Additionally, their oldest son, Reed was killed in a tragic bus crash on a wintry Minnesota day in 2008.  Two of their other children, Sawyer and Erin, received severe injuries that day as well.

Rather than digging a hole and crawling in it, Kandy and her family (affectionately known as Team Stevens) chose to use their faith in God to buoy them.  Reed’s services were a celebration of life complete with Praise and Worship music.  The family’s faith sustained them through the next 3 years in which the other children received medical care for their injuries and through the dark hours of grief.

Kandy was perfectly content being a momma and a teacher (her lifelong goals), until God’s plan for her life was presented after she spoke about the first year of grief at her local church.  A friend in the congregation (who had lost a brother at a young age) approached her after the service to say, “God has given you a gift to speak for all bereaved families, and He wants you to use it.”  Over the next year and half, it became very clear that those were not just passing words, but precisely God’s call for Kandy’s life.

Kandy felt God’s nudging to become a speaker and writer, and she is working on several books about her family’s experiences and about grieving.  Kandy is available to speak at conferences, women’s groups, church events, and just about any place where people might need her.

Kandy and her family reside in southwestern Minnesota.  They keep busy camping, fishing, and geo-caching, but most of their time is spent attending one of their children’s various sporting events.  In her just-for-herself time, Kandy loves to read and craft!  Kandy volunteers in many different places, but her absolute favorites are her work at her church and at a local nursing home where she and the family’s Golden Retriever, Huck, visit.

She can be reached by e-mail @



  1. Alissa Pracht permalink

    Hello Kandy! You are speaking at our church in May and I would like to contact you about some background questions. What is the best way to contact you? Thank you!

  2. I am very touched by this. I will be honored to spend time here.

    • Thank you so much for “doing your homework”! Couldn’t resist! Once a teacher, always a teacher. I, feel the same about your blog. Time well spent.

  3. Hello, I wanted to check in with you. I remember you asked about my blog. This is where I write when I don’t have my journal, but a computer instead. It is just day to day struggles in poetry form. I hope you like it.

  4. Marcy Sommervold permalink

    Kandi you are speaking at our WELCA at Christ Lutheran here in Hendricks and have been trying to reach you. This is Aug. 9 at 10:00 a.m.

    • Marcy – Yes, I am very excited about this opportunity and have it recorded on my calendar. I am sending you my personal cell number as I am on vacation. Kandy

  5. Laurie permalink

    I just finished your chapter I hate chicken nuggets. My husband died last October at home in his bed with me at his side, under hospice care. In the month he was in the hospital then home, then the service, not once did a neighbor bring me food. Not once did a neighbor offer to shovel my driveway come winter. Everyone said “let me know if you need anything “ there was no way I was going to knock on their doors and say” hey a casserole would be nice”

    • Laurie – My heart aches for you and your experience. I am so sorry for your loss and deeply saddened by your experience. I tend to be the “I’m going to bring something, just to let them know I am thinking about them.” Sadly, this doesn’t translate to everyone’s action steps. I think many are paralyzed by the not knowing what to do or say when someone is grieving or hurting. I’m so glad that you reached out. I am always here to listen, even if it is to say, “this stinks”. Sending you my love! Kandy

  6. Laurie permalink

    I cannot even begin to thank you for responding. It will be 7 months this May that I lost my husband of 15 years to alcoholism. So much of my energy had been spent angry and through counseling I am now just beginning to miss him and feel sad. I don’t cry as much anymore either. Unfortunately my children did not like my husband so they have not been very supportive but the counselors have helped a lot. I really enjoy reading your book every night when I go to bed. Be well and thank you.

    • Oh Laurie – I so wish I could just sit next to you on my front deck. I envision we would grab a glass of iced tea, rock in the rockers, and I would simply listen. We could talk or sit silently. We’d grab the Kleenex and cry as I know intimately the pain of the first year. Addiction is so incredibly pain to live through and even more challenging when the one lost in the addiction passes away. My heart aches for you as you process all of this. Just know that you are allowed to feel and express every single one of your emotions, even when others feel like you should be “over it”. I’ve learned that people think that because in reality, they want us to be better and most likely, because they haven’t experienced the depth of love we have. Grief is really the final step of love and definitely is the most painful. I’m sending you all my love and know that I am thinking of you! You are not alone. Kandy

  7. Laurie permalink

    I only wish I could have given your book to all my friends, neighbors and family at a time I needed them most. I cannot turn back time (God how I wish I could) I would have told them all what I needed the most was to fill the void I experienced every day he was in the hospital and the weeks and months following his death. I was all alone day after day luckily my sister and my ex husband helped when they could.

    • Oh how I get that wish! I am thankful for all the ways people loved us and helped us after the bus crash, but there are moments where I wish I didn’t have to get that education. Even as I type though I realize that the education is what led me to write the book and without that we might not have ever met and become friends. There is beauty beyond the rubble, the ashes, and the tears. I still maintain that I would do anything to have Reed back, but giving up the friends I made in the depths of the valley of sadness and who walked with us, I would not want to give up. I am so sorry that you that were alone, while being thankful for your support from your sister and ex husband. My prayer is that those who love you realize that grief is a long journey and support is always needed. Sending my love! Kandy

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