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2 days to go: Another great giggle

September 27, 2012

Auction Item donated from Garvin Nursery

If you have been following the blogs for the countdown to Reed’s Run, then you probably joined me in some giggles on 24 days to go: Where are they now?

In that blog I shared about my sense of humor when it comes to quirky auction items.  I haven’t heard from “Bullhorns” but “Chainsaw Beaver” is alive and well, settled into his new home with some Boy Scouts.  Sunday, we were treated to lunch at the Pizza Ranch, and I almost sprayed my Coke across the table when I looked up and saw – you guessed it – bullhorns above the table.  It wasn’t THE “Bullhorns”, but it did make me giggle.

Along with “Neon Sign”, we have a very unique and beautiful donation this year from the Garvin Nursery.  The donation was 5 evergreen trees, ready to be planted at someone’s home, business, or wherever they so desire.  I will interject that I did discover that Huck, Andy, Lulu, and Hiccup (all canines) had been writing another blog regarding these trees. I will state that their writing will NEVER see the light of day.  The content was offensive to my sensibilities . . . as it was somewhere akin to “A Tree Stands in Brooklyn” humor from Looney Tunes.

Anyways, the 5 evergreens currently stand proudly on my front deck.  Their placement has risen more than a few eyebrows of friends as they have come over recently.  So much so, that I began to refer to them in song as in the 12 Days of Christmas, but instead of “5 golden rings”, I belt out, “5 Evergreens”!

Of course as with any good joke in this family, we couldn’t leave well enough alone.  Just like my love of animal prints and bling-y accessories, we had to embellish the “5 Evergreens” with an entire song about Reed’s Run.  If only we hadn’t run out of time, we could have made a music video.  Instead of a music video, perhaps our “Huck-y saves the Day” commercial will have to suffice.

Either way, we hope you enjoy our song lyrics and our commercial.  Trust us, we had more than a few chuckles ourselves.  You never know what we will come up with next!

12 Months of Reed’s Run

12 – American flags placed by veterans

11 – Cases of refreshing water

10 – Intense months of planning

9 – Different activities to choose from

8 – Great lives remembered

7 – Classmates of Reed’s on the team

6 – hundred amazing auction items


4 – Big, giant bouncies

3 – Walks or runs

2 – Exhausted parents and

1 – Great family event for all!


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