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24 Days to Go: Where are they now?

September 6, 2012

Yesterday, I received a text from our friend in charge of auction donations that said, “Call me when you get home.  There is something at your house.”  The following text raised an eyebrow.  “All I can say is my daughter said THIS is HUGE.”  We were gone to a football game, and honestly, I had forgotten about the texts until I walked in the door and saw 4’x4’ box sitting at my dining room table.

What in the world?

Then I remembered the text.  That recollection was followed by laughing aloud. They weren’t kidding when they said huge.  No hidden subtlety there.

That got me to thinking about our auction and some of the most unusual items we have had in the years past.  We have had some cool stuff, but there have definitely been some that I wondered if anyone would ever bid on that.   (My fear being I would become their permanent home.)

To my surprise, those items tend to be the most hotly contested ones.  It is good to know that I live among people with a good sense of humor.  That’s the optimistic outlook, because the alternative would be that I live among a community of people with odd decorating tastes.

The first year’s item that really took the bull by the horns was just that – a mounted set of bullhorns.  I’m telling you when those bovine trophies showed up at my house I guffawed.  But my visions of being stuck with them were over quickly because they found a new home and moo-ved (I couldn’t resist) on out at Reed’s Run.

The second item that got some good chuckles among our crew was a chainsaw carved beaver that literally was stored at one house, before moving to ours.  On the journey over, we called up our neighbors and said, “Bring all the kids out on the front lawn because you don’t want to miss this.”  Our neighbors with equally quirky senses of humor obliged and then they helped us move that buck-toothed behemoth.  That escapade was followed by a general joke fest with my favorite being, “You might be a redneck if you call up your neighbors and ask them to move a 200-lb beaver.”

So it seems that we have ourselves a genuine (got to pronounce that “gen-u-wine” with a twist of Southern drawl) threepeat here this year.  That large box, which took up half my dining room table, houses an equally as large neon sign.  Yeppers – It reads “Open 24 hours”!

Don’t exactly know where my old friends “Bull-horns” and “Chainsaw Beaver” are, but I would be interested in hearing about their whereabouts.  I am also really looking forward meeting to the new owner of “Neon sign”.  It is not, (I repeat), NOT going in my kitchen.

It never gets dull around here before Reed’s Run.

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