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27 days to go: Who let the dogs out?

September 3, 2012

Photo taken by Lulu Bell (evidence that she was NOT the one on the couch)
That’s Me, Hiccup, and Andy
(No, we don’t have laser eyes. This place has gone to the dogs.)

Mom has left the computer open.  She doesn’t know that the remote isn’t the only thing I can operate around here.  I will say it’s a good thing she is gone because this typing without thumbs is NOT easy. I see why she always says, “Huck-y if only you had thumbs you could help out around here.”  Well, I am going to help her out and pound out today’s blog.   (Do you know that she reads all of her work out loud; so, I have been an editor more than once.)

I don’t think they realize how much I notice when they think no one is looking.  Like I know what happens to all the missing cups and glasses, and I know why some people’s laundry baskets never seem full in this family. I also know which person to sit next to at the table for a little snack.  But I am like my buddy, Duke, I’m not saying anything.

It’s pretty obvious why my family chose to have a dog walk for Reed’s Run, but it is doubtful that anybody understands how much my boy meant to me.  Very few know that I came into Reed’s life because he had been diagnosed with an eye condition causing him to go blind.  My puppy energy helped him remember he was still a little boy.  Soon he forgot all about those big medical words that I couldn’t understand anyway.  All I know is that I would sit at the end of the driveway waiting until my boy got home from school every day, and then the two of us would be off on adventures.  Those adventures were everything to me, and eventually it got to where Reed talked Mom & Dad into to taking me everywhere.  (Just don’t ask the rest of them about our first camping trip.  Let’s just say Reed & I were seriously in the dog house!)

This weekend Mom invited over two of my good friends to hang out with my little puppy brother, Hiccup, and myself.  One of those dogs is my buddy Andy.  Andy is younger but I get it. He has a big heart too.  Somehow I think he understands that we have a bigger role than just friend now.  We carry a piece of our boys (Reed & AJ) in everything we do. Mom has met lots of nice people who have told her similar stories about their canine friends. Believe me, our Mom can talk.

Simply put dogs matter! Maybe not to all people, but we really do to grieving people. I feel when their hearts are hurting because I miss Reed as much as they do.  When I see them down, I try my best to snuggle up, but that is getting harder for me to do these days.  I know this is the last Reed’s Run, and even though I have had a few bouts of being down this year, I am going to make one last trip to the place where Reed and I earned those purple ribbons to remember my boy.

I am not sure that Mom is going to like that Hiccup and Andy just  licked her keyboard.  Pups! When will they ever learn to cover up the evidence? Trust me, I will act like I was never here.


  1. Nikki Axe-Bell permalink

    Nice photo Lu-Lu! great writing Huck!

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