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26 days to go: Doggone it!

September 3, 2012

Photo by Cloie Stevens (Grand Champion Photo Lyon County Fair)



Well, apparently I need to change my passwords after Huck’s entry yesterday in our countdown.  I am not sure what else he knows, but I am guessing that Jay Bush and I had better keep closer tabs on our secrets.

I have to admit, however, that Huck did a pretty good job of explaining the heart behind the dog walk. I agree with him that Huck will always remain boy’s best friend, and the rest of us are just lucky enough to share our lives with both of them.  There were a few things that he omitted that I feel people should know.

Basic Dog Walk Facts:

  • The dog walk is only $10 because the registrant is actually the dog!  (It is always good to include the person’s name too, in case we need to contact you.  But of course, strange things happen in this world, like the time Huck received mail some for a credit card.)
  • Each dog receives a bag of goodies (typically homemade treats, a leash, and an official Reed’s Run neck scarf).
  • There are communal water bowls available at the beginning and the end of the race. (Slobbering and spilling are not frowned upon.  Swimming in the water dish is!)
  • Good canine friends are welcomed and encouraged to stay for the entire event including the movie. (Both Huck and Hiccup LOVE movie night.  Huck, of course, loves to try to sneak the popcorn.)
  • There are always great auction items devoted to dogs and dog lovers.

Questions we’ve been asked:

  1. Can my dog and I run in the 5k? – The answer is yes, but please register for the 5k instead of the dog walk. We considere the human as the participant then, since many dogs can run circles around their owners.  The only thing we ask is that at the starting line the runners with dogs are at the back of the pack.  We don’t want any mishaps with leashes.  (Just ask Huck about that time that happened to me when he was 6 months old.) We have had more than one dog complete the 5k each year.
  2. How are the dog medalists chosen? – We have a secret panel of judges that watch the canine participants and their friends from registration until the end of the walk.  They look for how well the dog interacts with others (canine and human) and the bond  shared between dog and owner.  Because of the subjectivity, it takes the panel a LONG time to agree on the winners.  They really take their job seriously.  (But in my heart, they are all champion dogs!)

New this year:

Reed & Huck won a purple ribbon in Best Pet Trick in Reed’s first year in 4-H at the fair.  It is a good thing they only entered that contest once.  Unless you count sneaking food off a table or opening up doors (Yes! He can do that), Huck only knows one trick.  He won with the “catch the food off of your nose” trick.  In honor of that relationship and the “hallowed” ground of which we hold the run (more on that in tomorrow’s blog), we have added a new category for earning a medal in the dog category.  There will be ONE (and only one) medal given in all four years of Reed’s Run for the Best Pet Trick.

If you and your dog want to show off their talents, please let the registration folks know & at the conclusion of the dog walk, we will let all those participating sparkle and shine with their best pet trick.

Lou – if you are out there – Reed’s sister E thinks that you should dance with your owner!

Until tomorrow – enjoy this beautiful day!




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