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Remember Goliath fell to David

February 28, 2017

To The Laker Girls:

Last weekend, I along with countless other fans watched you do something that we will all remember for a long time.  You won a first round playoff game in what some considered an upset victory. Almost immediately afterward, as it was reported who your next opponent would be, savoring that moment’s victory fell to murmured doubt.  Oh, they are really good.  I guess we better enjoy this.  That team is excellent.  It is unlikely many teams can beat them.


Photo from the Marshall Independent. Credit to Gary Kaczmarek. 

I would be lying if I didn’t entertain that thought too. It was years ago, but I still remember when the seniors played this opponent in 4th grade. A short text exchange with my cousin gave me a complete attitude adjustment. Before I share what she wrote, I want to share her credibility just so you understand that what she says matters.  Growing up in a small town about the size of Cottonwood, she went on to play basketball for a Division I school and became a championship winning coach. She’s more than just an “auntie” to our Sister.  She’s a student of the game and she’s a super fan.  Her words took my breath and my doubt away.

Remember Goliath fell to David.

So simple. So true. Her words changed everything.

I have watched this season filled with sadness for what could have been, possibly what should have been.  There have been times when as a team you have been filled with doubt. Coaches doubting players, teammates doubting each other, and players doubting themselves. I’ve seen injuries sideline careers, and at times, I have seen moments to build each other up, quietly slip away.  This is not what champions are made of, but if you examine your hearts for one minute, you know that it doesn’t represent who you are, or more importantly who you can be. I have known for a long time that you could all (individually and collectively) be so much more.  Inside each of you lies the heart of a champion. Now it’s time to let the rest of the world see what your mommas have known all along.

Remember Goliath fell to David.

Right now is your moment to shine. Today is the day to think of each other not as a group of individuals, but as one unit. One team with one heartbeat. Now is the time for the whole to be better than its individual parts. Believe that every person on that court is a part of the dream and that she will be successful. Today is the day to know that the talents hidden in each of you fit like pieces in a puzzle to contribute to the whole team’s success.  Every breath you take today from now until you step off that court tonight needs to be one of “I BELIEVE”. Today is the moment to make sure that you give it all you’ve got not because the end might be in sight, but because a championship is yours for the taking. Go into this game believing, why not us! You have the talent, and I believe that we only saw a glimpse of the drive you have to win in the so-called upset victory on Saturday.  Unleash that beast and . . .

Remember Goliath fell to David.

And just in case you have forgotten the story, David took 5 stones to fight the mightiest warrior in the land.  Many doubted him too.  But the key thing is – David never did. In my heart I am proclaiming that instead of 5 stones, there will be 5 girls at any given point on that court tonight to help Goliath fall.


Momma K


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