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16 days: We bring you good tidings

December 11, 2014

I have a group of young girls in my life who are having a rough go of things. From the outside looking in, their collective suffering is in one aspect of their daily world. The emotions of joy and despair are never far from the surface. So much weight on such young shoulders!  For now – only for now – their hard work has not proven meritorious. This is what the world sees.

But I know about what has gone on where very few eyes have watched.

Underneath proudly worn jerseys live some of the kindest hearts you will ever find.

Upon hearing the news of a family hurting, they hatched a plan to give back. They plotted, they schemed, and they executed one of the nicest things I have ever seen a group of teen girls do.

In a season when it is so easy at their ages to listen to the roar of the crowd of “I want”, “I wish” or “I’ve just gotta have it”, they listened to the quiet still voices inside of themselves. Those voices said give generously because love conquers most everything.

That alone is something to be proud of.

But there is a little more to the story. Their actions reflected the true spirit of the little baby who was humbly born in a manger because for most of these girls the family was strangers. They gave anyways, knowing that for that little baby family includes anyone you chose to love. Bringing good tidings of great joy was for more important than any other measure anyone could ever use.

To me, they are winning in all the ways that matter.

Photo found at

Photo found at

  1. That’s awesome!

  2. Nancy – it truly was! They are a great group of girls, and I just wanted to share them with the world. Love to you and John! Kandy

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