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Bleeding Laker Blue

March 1, 2014


I really don’t like sports bullies, especially not the ones wearing lipstick.

My first encounter with this phenomenon was when Reed was in 7th grade football.  I was at the grocery store hurrying to make my purchases before it was time to pick him up from practice.  As I was heading to the check-out, I ran into a lady I know from town.

Picture it – her cart jutting in front of mine.

So, I hear Lakeview is going to play Marshall in junior high football.

Since I had no knowledge of this, my response was curt (plus I was in a hurry).

I don’t think so.  You’re not on our schedule.

Oh yes we are!  The game just got added today. 

Well that will be great. The team doesn’t have many more games; so, this is great news! I’ve really got to go because I still need to head back to the school.

I politely said my goodbye, and gently pushed around her cart.  I was a few feet away when I heard her parting words.

Well, it is a good thing Reed is such a good sport.

It was almost as if the Mama Bear in me awoke from hibernation right there in the cereal aisle.

Excuse me???

The smug look in her eyes said it all.  We live in the largest town in the county (pop. 13700), but we CHOOSE to go to school (for a myriad of reasons) in a smaller town (pop. 1215).  I knew what she was implying, but I was shocked.  For goodness sake, this is junior high football.

What do you mean?

Well, you know.  It is Marshall after all.  I just know Reed won’t take it so hard when they lose. 

What I wanted to say, and what came out are two different things.  I erred on the side of remembering that God was watching.

Well, I’m not so sure that they will.  And even though we live here, he still bleeds Laker Blue.

I honestly hadn’t thought about that conversation until . . . this week.  I overheard someone saying that today was my daughter’s team’s last game.

Do what??? It is a play-off game. 

Two teams will show up today, and each has as good a chance as the other to go on.

Today’s match-up involves a team that has beaten our girls twice, and I am pretty sure that they are taking the court with an attitude of superiority.    What they don’t know is that each and every one of our girls also bleeds Laker Blue.

Just thinking about today’s game reminds me of another story that didn’t end the way others predicted it would.  A tiny young man with five little stones and one giant!  The key factor is David’s belief that he would succeed.  He didn’t listen to what those in the Israeli camp were saying.  He showed up and “played his game”.

All the things I wish for my daughter and her teammates.

These girls have talent, and from what I’ve seen they also have the largest fan base of any school in the area.  The 6th “man” has helped turn the tide on more than occasion.  They work hard, have been coached well, and put in the extra time to succeed.

So NOW is the time to show up with their heads held high and Laker blue pumping through their veins – knowing they can do this!

Talent & teamwork will get you so far.  Play to the final buzzer – Finish strong!

And BELIEVE – that sometimes the giants will fall!

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