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What a momma won’t do . . .

May 11, 2013

In the spirit of Mother’s Day weekend, I have spent some time thinking about the joys (and struggles) of motherhood.  Being a momma IS and forever WILL BE my most important work.  I am not alone in this belief.  I have so many great examples of what good mommas do that I really felt compelled to write this today.

In the last few months, I have watched my friends and family make momma sacrifices that would flood the GNC (that’s the Good News Channel)  I hope to start one day.  (Of course, I know nothing about television or radio, but I do know the world needs to hear a little more good news – not to mention the Good News – everyday.)

Here are some recent examples of what a good momma won’t do:

  • Let her child fail at school when the pieces aren’t adding up.  (She finds a good tutor or helper.)
  • Let her child fight huge battles alone. (She digs out and puts on her boxing gloves.)
  • Let her children squirm out of consequences. (But, she is there to encourage them anyway.)
  • Let her children lose their imaginations. (She disconnected the cable.)
  • Let her child miss out on an opportunity. (She sacrifices time, energy and resources to make it happen.)
  • Let her baby believe something (even small) will be easy.  (Yes, it’s going to hurt, but she will be with you every step of the way.)
  • Let her child think they are the only one. (She shares scars from her past.)
  • Let her children assume that heartbreak is a private pain to bear. (She weeps in front of them.)

I could go on and on, as I am surrounded by good mommas every day in my world.  Generations ahead and those coming behind me have inspired me each and every day to strive to become the best momma I can be.

I am travelling this weekend to North Dakota, and the main reason for that trip is what one momma won’t do.  She won’t preach what she doesn’t practice.  I remember the conversation that started a long, arduous, but ultimately fulfilling, journey for her.  Yesterday, my sister (after knowing her for 20+ years, we dropped the in-law part) walked across the stage  earning her Associates of Science Degree in Nursing.  She awaits Board Certification, but she is an RN.  But those capped and gowned steps didn’t really show the whole story the eleven of us in the audience already knew. A single mom of four, her footsteps started as an idea when her oldest was a freshman in high school.  How can I preach to him to go to college when I never did? Wow!  I remember being blown away by her words.  I was speechless (which I admit is rare for me).  She went on to say that her dream had always been to be a nurse, and she had researched the local community college and found a program that fit her needs.  I will have some tough classes.  Will you tutor me? Absolutely!  My chips were all in for the biggest prize ever – helping her succeed!  She found resources (including me, the other sisters, Grandma, her own children, community members, other students, faculty, staff, & the TRIO program), showing her children that sometimes it takes a village to raise a momma.  She spent long hours, staying up past when the kids were in bed to study.  She sacrificed in countless ways to prove to her children that she VALUES education.  Her past three years have been a testament to will and determination as well as hard work and a few tears.

So yesterday, if all those other people at the college graduation didn’t see it, let me tell you what you missed – a momma who practices what she preaches strut across the stage as a college graduate.


I am SO THANKFUL that I was there to witness each step of what a momma won’t do.

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