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Life’s sweet lemons

March 5, 2013

sweet teaToday was one of those “when life hands you lemons” sort of days.  My littlest one coughed all night long, and we chose to keep her home from school.  We’ve been having some car troubles; so, I sent the big kids to school in a more reliable vehicle. Thus, I had no wheels to get to my doctor’s appointment, but I didn’t really want to take a sick little girl out anyway.  Now I have to reschedule into my already busy agenda.  Lemons!

One of my favorite Southern girl quotes is “When life hands you lemons, put ‘em in your sweet tea and thank God you’re a Southern girl.” Embracing that spirit AND with a full glass of tea in my hands, I decided to make the most of it.  I looked at my ever present to-do list and decided the laundry and the ironing made the cut today.  I enjoy ironing, so it was somewhat therapeutic to press away.  During my chore time, I noticed a Redbox case still sitting by the television.  Shoot!  We have got to get that returned.  One more lemon!

Between items, I went over to pick up the DVD only to discover it wasn’t in the box.  I attempted to get the DVD out of the player, but attempt was the operative word.  It wouldn’t budge.  I was beginning to wonder if I needed more than chemistry and mathematics degrees to know how to operate the thing.  Then I realized it wouldn’t even turn on.  I decided to wait until one of the guys came home.  Sawyer was here first so I asked him to retrieve the DVD and return it to the store.

I heard a lot of fiddling around, and eventually, I heard the toolbox open up.  I came out to ask what was going on when I heard the unmistakable sound of a ratchet-style wrench.  His idea was to take the cover off and just see what was going on. Boys! I just wanted to return a rental, and here I was having technology surgery on my kitchen table.  Talk about lemons!

The cause of the current lemon challenge was shocking.  Instead of just something stuck in the path of the sliding drawer was the evidence of small fire that had taken place in our DVD player.  That DVD player was in the basement that we just spent an entire year remodeling.

At that point, I was thanking God that I was Southern.  I was thanking Him that He showed me just how important small inconveniences really can be.  We were saved from losing anything more than a $30 DVD player, when the consequences could have been much, much worse.

I was thanking Him for the protection of my family and our memories and the realization that He is always watching over us.  What began as inconveniences that were mildly bitter became blessings that never tasted so sweet.  


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