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A score minus four years ago today

February 24, 2013
Always loved those cheeks!

Always loved those cheeks!


Sixteen years ago, I woke up that morning after a fitful night of sleep to put on my warmest clothes, grab a suitcase, and head out into one of the coldest days I had ever experienced.  We arrived at the hospital a little before 7 AM, and we were getting ready for a potentially long day or days.  Back then the maternity floor only had one birthing suite, and we were there getting settled.   When all of a sudden in came a former doctor who staked his claim, and we were booted to the less fancy room down the hall. The morning nurse apologized over and over . (All I kept thinking was “Of all the nerve!” If it wasn’t such a big day, I probably would have told him off. As far as this Mama Bear goes, it shows his lack of class.)

I was there for a scheduled inducement as I was a full 10 days past my due date.  They hooked me up to all sorts of things, and then we waited. Of course, Reed (also induced) took a long time to arrive; so I planned on making this a couple day thing. One of the things I remember clearly was how incredibly hungry I was, but ice chips and popsicles were all they offered.  (I do remember more than once trying to convince your dad to sneak out and get me some little chocolate donuts. He didn’t, and I asked him whose team he was on anyways.)

Boredom eventually overtook us, and I asked if we could at least walk around that floor of the hospital.  With pull cart in tow, Dad & I made enough laps around the hospital that I earned the amounts needed for the health and fitness challenge at work.  I even tried to convince them later that giving birth should count as work-out points. (I must have been convincing because I won the most creative work-out that year.)

Eventually I started to feel some pain, and man, you would have thought a visiting army was coming into town.  I scoffed.  “We aren’t having a baby yet.  It’s only four in the afternoon.”  A classmate’s mom, who was our nurse that day just smiled and said, “Well, it’s better to be prepared.”

Within in an hour, Dr. O was there and between pushes, he and Dad were watching television.  Strangely, I can remember that first, the weather man brought a cup of water outside and threw it into the air.  It was ice before it hit the ground.  There was also a terrible violent gang act on the news, and all of us had a conversation about how we were so glad we didn’t live there.  The news was finally over, and the guys switched the channel to golf.  I was too busy with other things – like pushing – to protest out loud, but in my mind, I was thinking of all the things to watch – GOLF!

Sometime in there, a call was made to one of your sets of godparents who brought Reed and Grandma Sheran to the hospital for the big arrival.  They were right outside the door the moment you arrived.  6:18 pm – Nannie loved that number because those numbers were the same as her birthday.  And there you were!  It was love at first sight.  Well, at least for most of us, Reed who never liked to be dirty, proclaimed, “Eww (with wrinkled up nose), is this my new baby brother? He needs a bath.”

Eventually, I walked to the regular room which earned me quite a reputation for being one tough momma.  The truth is that had more to do with you.  You were just plain amazing.  Easy delivery . . . easy to raise, and for that we are blessed.

It’s like the card we gave you this morning says, “Every hold my breath moment has been worth it.  You have grown into an AMAZING young man.”  We are so blessed and honored that God chose to give you to us!

By the way, I did get my little chocolate donuts that night, and every time, I have one I think about one of the most wonderful days in my whole entire life.

Happy Sweet 16th, Sawyer!  Even though, I didn’t know what lie ahead for us all those years ago, I do know one thing for sure.  God has mighty and amazing plans for your life!

I love you!

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