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7 days to go: We’re Back

September 23, 2012

When Reed was little, his favorite movie was “We’re Back” – A Dinosaur’s Story.  We watched it almost daily for a while there.  He was enthralled with that movie although the scene when Professor Screw Eyes was taken over by the flock of ravens totally freaked him out.  His best part was how the dinosaurs came back to life because so many children wished for that to happen.  If you remember Reed’s love of dancing, then this next memory will come as no shock.

Reed’s favorite – I MEAN FAVORITE – part of the movie is when the dinosaurs are parading down the New York City street masquerading as one of the balloons in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  When the gang broke into the song “Roll Back the Clock”, it was all on.  He would jump out of whatever chair he was sitting in and a rousing dance-along would occur with his Jurassic friends.  He couldn’t just dance alone.  No, anyone within the vicinity – family, friends, or neighbors were compelled to stop whatever they were doing and dance along.  For me, many loads of laundry were stopped mid-process to “Stop – Drop-and-Boogie”.  Inevitably though, despite interruption, all dancers went back to what they were doing with a smile on their faces.  Sweet, sweet memories.

Sweet memories were the focus of last weekend’s film fest at our house.  However watching films wasn’t what occupied my kids time a week ago.  Actually this assembled group was in the film-making business.  Well, short films.  Two years ago when left with some idle time, the kiddos dug out the camcorder and made some promotional videos for Reed’s Run 2010.  Think more giggles and shaky filming than professional product. They were homespun but memorable.  Each one was sweet product of the enthusiasm that four kids put into the memory-making of the brother and honorary brother that they love and miss.

So, tonight for the first viewing ever, the red carpet release of the first of 3 promotional videos for this year’s run our loveable bunch of goofballs put together.  We don’t think that you will be compelled to dance, but we do think you will enjoy Reed’s second favorite past-time – laughing!

Lovers of goofball videos – We’re Back!

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