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10 days to go: Art 4 All

September 20, 2012

Reed’s “Self-Portrait” Canvas
“Commissioned” for his Art Show

When Reed was around 5 years old, I was still teaching tennis.  One year, I helped with the local Marshall Community Services Spring Classes and Tournament with the local college coach.  For our kick-off, we had a representative come from the United States Tennis Association for a Free 4 All event.  The event is a part of the USTA’s mission to make tennis available to everyone by helping with equipment, instruction, and ENTHUSIASM.

Reed felt the same way about art.  He felt that everyone regardless of age should have an opportunity to create and to express their world through art mediums.  For years, we would faithfully drive our kids to Sioux Falls once a month so that they could participate in the arts programs at the Washington Pavilion.  They loved it.  On one of our trips back, Reed wondered what it would be like if every kid could experience art lessons and have a place to display their art.

I started asking at local art and children’s organizations, and while most liked the idea, none really put forth much of an effort toward what Reed envisioned.  He finally decided to take matters into his own sweet hands.  With the support of Mom, Dad, and his beloved art teacher, Mrs. Schueler, Reed applied for and was awarded a grant to hosting an art show with art lessons too!  He was the ripe age of 8 years old.  The day was a success with the entire event free to all who attended.  Reed wanted art to be a past-time available to everyone.

Keeping that sweet memory in mind, we have added a new component to our Reed-A-Cheetah Kids Zone this year.  Yes, there will be several art projects available for kids to create.  We know with certainty that Reed would give two thumbs up at an ART-4-ALL event!

No matter how big or small, God’s creations are always masterpieces!  Just like we have any of our children’s artwork on the walls, God has our pictures all over his “refrigerator”!

Special Note: The art projects are a part of the $5 wristband price.  St. Mary’s Youth Group of Cottonwood will be manning the stations.  They are also doing a small fundraiser.  They will have “I (heart) Jesus” bracelets available for purchase.  The funds will be used to help pay for their upcoming NCYC youth trip.

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