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Monday – Funday 3 things for July 30, 2012

July 31, 2012

I have had a week to once again think of all the things that make me smile.  Even in a world where turning on the evening news makes me want to cry and pray, I keep looking for the little things that bring me joy.

Not our actual camper but one very similar.
Photo credit

1. Camping – We had the opportunity to go along with some friends on an annual camping weekend at Storybook Land in Aberdeen, SD.  If I were completely honest, I would admit that we almost backed out at the last minute.  This was not due to the company we would be keeping, but more a by-product of our frenetically paced life. In fact, I enjoy every moment we spend with these friends, and this trip was no exception.  We had a great time as a family just simply being present.  We did activities when we felt like it, or we just sat around and visited.  As we weren’t exactly roughing it, it was so much fun to eat like royalty with garden bounty. But of course, it would not be communal camping without nibbing at all the other family tables too.  Sometimes, I have non-camping friends who ask what exactly do we do while camping.  It a 3 word sentence answer: We have fun! This weekend was no exception. When you have 8 families with sixteen children ranging from 3 to 15, there is ALWAYS something that can be done.  Watching how all of the kids interacted was awe-inspiring; this included the teenagers making sure to hang out with the little ones.  Aside from just having quality family time, my most favorite moment came when the littlest among us learned how to “re-teach” Huck, his one and only trick.  After watching Daniel, S placed a treat on Huck’s nose, told him to wait, and finally gave the okay signal.  Huck, like a pro, caught the treat midfall.  S turned around and said with conviction, “I did that!”  Seeing a little boy’s eyes twinkle with the same sparkle Reed had when Huck first learned that trick gave me a warm heart and a few tears, but it was also worth a giant smile.


Avera St. Luke’s Hospital

2. Having a great sense of humor.  Since camping and fun are synonymous in our book, it must be said that you can sometimes have too much fun.  On Friday, one of our friends nearly sliced the tip of his finger off.  I served as ambulance driver and chauffeur.  Then during a rousing baseball game on Saturday featuring daddies versus kids, Sawyer had a mishap resulting in a sprained ankle. Since I already knew the route to the ER, a friend and I took Sawyer there for Saturday night’s festivities.  I hadn’t noticed the parking signs the night before but they stood out the second night.  The ER parking has beautiful sign pointing to a lot next to the helipad.  Now I am rephrasing this but there were then signs that said, “Park at your own risk, you are next to a helicopter landing site.”  I laughed aloud thinking that perhaps the hospital was “drumming” up business.  As Sawyer’s visit finished up, I got a giggle when the doctor told us that he was happy to help our merry band of travelers for a second day.  That was followed by, “If you so feel the need, we are open 24 hours a day.”  As I was standing next to the nurses’ station upon discharge, I asked if I could get a punch card for future visits.  When life hands you lemons, kick back with a great sense of humor and smile!

Courtesy of 4-H

3.  It’s fair time! Today was judging day for general fair projects for Lyon County 4-H.  It is so much fun to see all the 4-Hers hard work come to fruition with the incredible exhibits.  Seeing kids flit about from judge to judge in a synchronized dance makes me think of Lake Wobegon where all the kids are above-average.  (But in this case, it’s true; these kids amaze me with their creativity, hard work, and talent!)  It’s fun to eavesdrop as the kids (not my own) speak to the judge about their project. I adore watching the faces light up after the judge hands over a ribbon. As an educator, I am often dismayed when I overhear people making blanket statements about the lack of initiative or work ethic among today’s youth.  I am guessing that if those who make those comments came to the 4-H building, they would see kids passionate about learning and doing, and that definitely makes me smile.

Until next week, keep looking for the little things that make you smile!

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