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Can God Use the Senseless?

March 2, 2012

In the moments after learning that my son was killed, I couldn’t imagine how God could ever use something so senseless for His glory.  I couldn’t have been more mistaken.  What unfolded in the wee hours between that dreadful day and the next morning proved me completely wrong.  Ever since that moment, I have watched, awed and amazed, at God’s plan to use my life (and Reed’s story) to bring comfort to others. 

 Prior to this, I was completely content to be a mom and science teacher.  However, God had a much different plan in mind, and it took me over a year to get used to the idea. Aside from my Caringbridge postings,  I was to share our family’s story of God’s faithfulness even in our darkest moments.  Once I was finally convinced of what I was to do, I boldly stepped into a new chapter in my life. 

 Now with the vision of our church and more specifically our pastor, my new venture is coming to Marshall.  For the last year and half, I have been associated with Best Life Ministries as a speaker and writer.  On Saturday, March 10, Best Life Ministries 2012 Fill ‘Er Up Conference is coming to the Marshall Evangelical Free Church.  The goal of the ministry is to bring help, hope and healing to today’s woman. 

 There will be speakers and workshops on various topics including Finding Joy, God’s Plan for Today’s Woman (The Book of Esther), Godly Finances, Parenting and Being Parented, and Marriage.   A catered lunch is also a part of the ticket price.  The day is designed to help women identify what might be draining their lives and provide resources and encouragement to be filled up on God’s goodness instead.  As one of the main session speakers, I share that miraculous event that occurred in the hospital and how God taught me that our family would get through the tragedy of losing my child (and his friends) and the healing of two of our other children. 

 If you have never attended a women’s conference, this will be a perfect beginning as we work hard to keep the price affordable by bringing the conference to the local church.  If you are familiar with women’s conferences, the sweetest comparison that I have seen, from a previous conference attender in Rogers, MN, was that the “Best Life team is like a smaller-scale Women of Faith.” While we are certainly not that famous, I believe we are no less inspirational as the women on the team have many life experiences and they truly care about the lives of other women.

 Getting away is often difficult to do in today’s busy world, but the investment in you will be worth it.  There will be off-site childcare if needed by attendees.  For more information or to inquire about tickets, please contact the Marshall Evangelical Free Church at 507-532-4804. 

 Thank you for being a part of the community of folks that filled my family up and reminded us daily of God’s love for us!  I am continually humbled by how wonderful a place that my family and I share with all of you.

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  1. I’m praying you have a great weekend. So proud of you for sharing your story!

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